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wie ist von mensch zu mensch, von lebewesen zu lebewesen so zu unterscheiden? nähe als faktor? andere jour faktoren?

welche Art von Masse ist der Rugby-Scrum („Gedränge“)?

dirt offends against order. eliminating it is not a negative movement, but a positive effort to organise the environment.

mary douglas „purity and danger“, 1966, p. 2

der „Strukturwandel der Öffentlichkeit“ setzt sich fort — towards „publicness“?…

The Guardian tries to find out what caused the London riots in August 2011

Jeff Jarvis has been yammering on for a few years about how news is a process more than a product.

we have to get over this journalistic arrogance that journalists are the only people who are the figures of authority in the world… if you can open your site up, and allow other voices in, you get something that’s more engaged, more involved — and actually, I think, journalistically better.

Alan Rusbridger, 04/2010